Air conditioning, Heat pumps and general engineering in Budapest

Air conditioning, heat pumps, and general engineering Budapest – Mechalux Kft.

We offer our quality services in and near Budapest, Hungary. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
We have over 15 years of experience in HVAC systems, and will be able to help you to find the best solution for your needs! We are taking on residental installations as well as industrial execution.

For residental services we offer free site survey and a free quote with no strings attached!

Air conditioning installation Budapest

Air conditioner installation in and near Budapest
- at Mechalux Kft. it is an A-to-Z service when it comes to air conditioning. At the site survey we will help you to reflect your requirements and to match it with systems available on the market. Following the site survey our collauge will e-mail you a quote which will include all the fees and expenses. Once you place your order we will give you a call to schedule the installation. In almost every cases we provide the air conditioner units, and deliver them on the day of installation. Our staff does speak english, so you if you have any questions on the day of installation, or make further arrangements, they will be happy to help. You do not need to worry too much about the mess, we are using industrial hoovers during installation and doing our best to keep your home clean.

The basic installation fee is 70.000 HUF + VAT = 88.900 HUF. This is to include all the neccessary materials, brackets, cables, pipes, bits and pieces, work fees, etc. up to a 2 meter lenght of piping between indoor and outdoor units.
In some cases eg. if we need to hire a climber or use special lifting equipment we will charge extra fees, but in this case this will be listed on your written quote.

If the piping between the units are longer than 2 meters, there will be an additional charge of 8.500 HUF+VAT= 10.795 HUF/meters.

If the property already have the pipes layed, then the installation will cost 50.000 HUF+VAT= 63.500 HUF. However is the piping is broken, clogged or need to be repaired/extended that may result in extra cost.

We offer guarantee for the units purchased from us and for the work carried out too. The basic guarantee is one year, which can be extended to 3-5-10 years depending on the unit you choose.

Heat pump installation Budapest

Heat pump installation in and near Budapest
for heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Currently the most popular and the very best system available for your home. We offer fee site. We can help you trough from planning to execution, in we provice units and carry out the installation too. Not only for heatpump, but you will receive a quote for he water side installation too if required.

The basic installation fee for air to water heat pumps is from 200.000 HUF + VAT = 254.000 HUF
This to include:

                -Delivery of your choosen unit
                -All neccessary pipes and cables up to 5 meters lenght of piping
                -Brackets for indoor and outdoor units
                -All neccessary bolts, screws, cable trunking, insulation etc.
                -Electrical installation up to 5 meters
                -Work fee

We only install heatpumps that were purchased from Mechalux Kft. and if neccessary we will provide you with a quote for the water-side installation too.

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